Sell Unwanted Items to Make Money

Sell Unwanted Items to Make Money

Most people potentially have thousands of dollars worth of unwanted items they could sell on eBay or Gumtree to make extra money.

Selling on Gumtree

I’ve found Gumtree tends to be suited to larger, local items where the buyer arranges to pick up from the seller. The sign up process is quick and there are no fees.

Unfortunately the buyers can sometimes muck you around by showing up later than agreed or not showing up at all. Be prepared to negotiate as most buyers will expect a discount from the listed price.

Selling on eBay

With eBay you can reach all of Australia, and even internationally. I’ve found eBay more suited to smaller items you can post. There are selling fees and you will also need a PayPal account to receive funds.

The selling process is usually hassle free as the purchaser clicks the Buy link, pays via PayPal and you pop the item in the post. eBay also offers discount postage labels online, which can be a time saver. I found I can usually get more money for the same item on eBay as opposed to Gumtree.

Other Selling Alternatives

Garage Sale

A garage sale can help get rid of a lot of items you no longer need. You can place an ad in your local paper or use an online website, such as Garage Sale Finder who have free and paid for advertisements.

Expect people to turn up early and be prepared to negotiate.

Cash Converters

Cash Converters is a quick and easy way to turn unwanted items into cash. The trade off is you are unlikely to get much as they have to add their margin when reselling. You’ll need some form of ID, such as a Driver’s Licence, when selling.


CEX have stores in Qld, NSW and ACT that buy, sell and exchange a range of technology and entertainment products such as mobile phones, video games, DVDs and more. I’ve found their prices quite reasonable and you can search their website to see what they’ll offer for your goods. You’ll also need some ID, such as a Driver’s Licence, when selling.


Instead of making money, donating unwanted items can help those in need. Organisations such as The Salvation Army will take certain items to sell. There are some items they don’t accept so please check on their website first.

These are just a couple of examples on how you can sell unwanted items to make money.

Getting rid of unwanted items not only makes you money it’s also been shown that removing clutter from your house makes you feel better and more relaxed.

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Originally published at on May 18, 2021.

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