Shares verses Property — Which is a Better Investment

Investment in Shares verses Property is a controversial subject given Australia’s love affair with property, but which is better. We’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of investing in both equities and residential property. There are other investment considerations, which we’ll also cover.

Shares as an Investment

Yes, shares are volatile. People see the…

How to Invest in Shares

How to invest your money can be a daunting process, but doesn’t necessary have to be so. We’ll explore our investing principles, evaluate low-cost, broad-based index funds and active verses passive investing. We also suggest what shares to buy, the process of buying shares and managing your portfolio.

This post…

How to Increase Your Savings


To increase your savings you either need to increase your income, reduce your expenses or both. The bigger you make the gap between your income and expense, the more you will save.

Spending less than you earn and regularly investing, into say broad-based, low-cost index funds, is the key to…

How to Build an Emergency Savings Fund

Why build an Emergency Savings Fund

Building an emergency savings fund will give you financial security and peace of mind in an emergency situation. If your fridge or car breaks down and you need cash fast you know you’ll have it covered. It also gets you into the good habit of putting money aside each pay…

When we work, we’re trading our time for money. Time is finite resource and we don’t know how much of it we have. Excessive spending increases how much longer we have to work.

When deciding on a purchase, it may be helpful to break down the purchase price into how…

Active verses Passive Share Investing

Active verses Passive Share Investing, which is better. In this comparison we’ll look at each alternative for investing.

What is Active Share Investing

Active share investing is the process of selecting then buying and selling individual shares you believe will outperform the market average. This can be done through research, software or newsletters.

There are…

Domino Your Debts

Once you’ve achieved your Emergency Savings Fund of say $2,000, as outlined in Step 2 Build an Emergency Savings Fund, you can turn your focus on reducing your debts.

As Scott Pape, The Barefoot Investor, suggests you ‘Domino Your Debts’. Start with the smallest debt first and use your surplus…

Calculate Your Net Worth

You’ll need to determine your Net Worth so you can see where you are at financially. This is done by making a list of all your assets (house, superannuation, shares, car, etc.) and assigning a market value. or can give you an estimate on your house. ASX (Australian…

5 Steps to Financial Independence — Introduction

Why is Financial Freedom Important

It’s never a bad time to take control of your finances. Being in financial distress can significantly impact on your mental health. Monetary issues are one of the main causes of relationship breakdowns. Being in control of your finances gives you a sense of security and self-accomplishment.

There are certain…

Sell Unwanted Items to Make Money

Most people potentially have thousands of dollars worth of unwanted items they could sell on eBay or Gumtree to make extra money.

Selling on Gumtree

I’ve found Gumtree tends to be suited to larger, local items where the buyer arranges to pick up from the seller. …

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